fUtility: ten years of chance pop (2003​-​2012)

by Utility Project

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Simmering just below the radar since the early 2000's, Utility Project uses codes and methods of chance to write listenable rock music. This 18 song retrospective spans an incredibly diverse and extensive catalog. Must we compare? They Might Be Giants? Pavement? Flaming Lips? Ween? No! Utility Project sounds like UTILITY PROJECT! This introduction to the world of Utility is yours at a price you name. Not sure what to pay? Roll some dice!


released June 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Utility Project Potsdam, New York

A lack of career spanning nearly two decades, Utility Project creates its own version of unpopular music

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Track Name: Ronny Listner is a Bobsledder
Do you like bobsledding? Are you a bobsledding fan? Do you know Ronny Listner? He’s a bobsledding man! Down the track they go And they wanna come in first They go so fast but they don’t wanna get hurt Ronny Listner’s a bobsledder He hails from Germany Winner of a bronze medal Part of a four man team Faster Stronger Better You can do it Reach the next level Faster Stronger Better We went to Lake Placid Drank too much Ubu Ale Tried skating the oval To the bobsled we yelled Down the track we go These drunks are gonna get it We go so fast I just threw up in my helmet Do you like bobsledding? Are you a bobsledding fan? Now you know Ronny Listner He’s a bobsledding man
Track Name: Patagonia
Go on Go on go there Come with me argentine A groovy beach within your reach You’re gettin’ your wish and catchin’ some fish What were the Welsh doin’ here so long ago I don’t know They came here to open up Patagonia There’s no good water But we’re making it work Go down to the river Sift thru a little dirt You Go south enough it turns into north Start doin’ some work find out what you’re worth Why didn’t we come here long ago I’ll never know We came here to open up in Patagonia Over the land over the sea To Patagonia you’re coming with me Over the land over the sea To Patagonia We’re never gonna leave We made a new life an it’s treatin’ us nice Don’t even ask cuz we’re never comin’ back Ask yourself “what am I doin here?” Was your answer “I don’t’ know”? Come with us and open up in Patagonia
Track Name: Gustav Mutzel Has a Posse
the piper warbles and the drummer can’t keep time the guitar player sounds like he’s usin’ his feet and the lyricist can’t rhyme but you won’t fault me Gustav Mutzel, master of the line When I see your drawings of wildlife Or any image you design Your talents are sublime the singer sounds like he’s talkin’ in his sleep and the bass guitar only has three strings when it’s all done we’re gonna press CDs the kids will find one and wonder what are these things What I could use is a fresh set of ears Even someone who’s been gone for years Come back and help me Come back to this life and help me Come back
Track Name: Fulfillment
Track Name: Exhausting
I'm stuck in a hole
I'm creepin' thru vines
I can't budge
I'm movin' all the time
I'm freezin' cold
I'm sweatin' thru my eyes
Can't hear a soul
My ears are on fire
A bird in a pool
A fish who wants to fly
I don't wanna live
I don't wanna....

water will be here soon

the air will not hold you

Oh it's exhausting

A little regret is o.k.
If we learn from our mistakes
we are honest and standing straight...

-en out your course
Oh it's exhausting

I'm stuck in a hole
I'm climbin' out!
I can't budge
I'm busting free!
I'm freezing cold
Doesn't bother me!
I can't hear a soul
I like the peace!
A bird in a pool
You gotta set goals
A fish who wants to...

you're floating aren't you
water will now hold you

Oh it's exhausting
Oh it's exhausting

Fly you're floating aren't you
water will now hold you

Oh it's exhausting
Track Name: Rockefeller
Middle man, say your prayers
Stockholders, collect your shares
Charities, get in line
Nevermind, I'm startin' mine

I know
he knows
he's just as good as he was bad
I know
you know
he's just as good as he was bad

Yellow Fever, say goodbye
Hookworms, you're gonna die

Send me to the warlocks or send me to the witches
but there's only one man who scares me outta my britches
you can say that I'm chicken, you can call me yeller
just don't make me compete with JD Rockefeller

Competition? I have none
Life is a game and I've just won
Track Name: Boneshaker
Dad pats me with his hand
and says son be a brave man
I'm sittin' on an old saddle
switch it on and it starts to rattle

It's causin' an earthquake and
it's makin' my back ache and
I'm ridin' on a boneshaker
I'm ridin' on a boneshaker

Got two wagon wheels under me
the design is simple enough you see
the engine shakes between my feet
it coughs and spits, it's puttin' out some heat

dad's face is now a distant memory
after 12 miles no one here but me
over hills and steams through the briers
I look down and everything is on fire

I just rode the world's first motorbike
makin' history, riskin' my life
I'll let Dad worry 'bout the history makin
I'm just happy for a little boneshakin'

that's the sound of my bones shaking
Track Name: John's Garage
Hey John, your dad said
"Get ridda those maggots out in the garage
they're crawlin' on the trash
I don't care how, just get 'em gone"

open up the gas
pour it on the bags
then we strike a match
and oh, what happens next?

maggots flyin' on fire
before our eyes

maggots turnin' into flies
lookin' like
the 4th of July

airborne they ignite
on their kamikaze flights
I know that it isn't right
but oh, what a beautiful sight

maggots flyin' on fire
at least they got to fly
before they said goodbye
Track Name: The Well
Gonna walk down to the well
the path that's marked with the daffodils
Gonna be a good granddaughter
Gonna fetch grandma some cold water

The cold water's at the bottom of the well
that's gotta go for the bucket as well

I love the path with the daffodils
get a waft of that faint sweet smell

I can't imagine it could be hotter
she's gonna love the water that I brought her
I told that the coldest water's on the top
she started laughing and she could not stop
Track Name: Lab Rat
No more bunsen burner for me
I'm gonna hide from your formaldehyde
Put down my lab coat and glasses
and I picked up photography classes

(Lab Rat, You're a Lab Rat)
Been in the darkroom all day and in the darkroom
I'll stay I guess that the joke is on me I'm still a lab rat it seems

I'm turning my back on science and I'm forming a new alliance
I'm no longer willing or able to look at a periodic table

I hope my new cologne is alright it's sodium hyposulfite
Track Name: I Love You Claire-Annette
When I hold you in my hands on the bandstand
When we dance under the lights on stage tonight
There's something that I need to say

Before the singer starts to croon and we play our tune
And the crowd begins to cheer so that's all we hear
There's something that I need to say

Yeah Yeah Yeah I love you Claire-Annette
when you sing there's nothing better than that
Track Name: HAM
The world of HAM is waiting for you
Auxillary Amateur Radio
If youre sittin alone with nothin to do
Auxillary Amateur Radio
transmittin above 30 mhz
Auxillary Amateur Radio
I just got a nod from the FCC
now everybody gets to listen to me
Auxillary Amateur Radio

join the american radio relay league
Auxillary Amateur Radio
Headquartered in Newington, CT
Auxillary Amateur Radio
they take up our issues way down in DC
Auxillary Amateur Radio
I just got a nod from the FCC
now everybody gets to listen to me
Auxillary Amateur Radio
Track Name: The Planes
I heard the planes
I heard the planes

my neighbor came runnin'
she said the planes are bombin'

thats all I remember, the 7th of December
I heard the planes!
Track Name: at I
Nueva York is Finger Lakin' good
another world is just around the corner
and I'd like to show you why I heart NY

If it's pleasure you're lookin' for
the finger lakes are a score

I forget until I'm on my own
talkin' the a Niagara woman on the phone
years away now this memory still
has an effect on me
mom and dad in a fight Niagara Falls at night

come on son, we're going home
Niagara Falls alone
Track Name: the
(what I sang and then edited) "Uh huh uh huh Daddy gonna make some coffee" and some other stuff I don't really remember.....
Track Name: Downspout
Downspout takes the water
moves it out
My home is better than the others
My home is full of gutters
and downspouts

Downspout takes the water from the gutters
My house is cleaner than the others

Downspout takes the water, downspout moves it out